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Universal Absorbent & Sweeping Compound

CocoAbsorb is the original and most effective super absorbent on the market! Designed by nature to be the ideal spill clean up solution, CocoAbsorb is now available to you for spills of all sizes and types! Coco Products have been put through patented processing methods to extract the maximum benefit. Our coconut coir based absorbent naturally possesses far superior absorption characteristics to our competition, which is why we say The Secret’s in the Husk.

Any Spill, Any Type, Anywhere!
We’ve innovated solutions to deal with specific problems, like paint disposal, and we will soon launch new products ideal for smaller spills and quick response to spills in workplaces and public spaces.

Save time. Save money. Increase safety and productivity across your operations.
Put CocoAbsorb in the hands of your operators today!

Coco Products

9 Liter Bag

2 Quart Bag

35 Liter Bag


16 Liter Spill Kit

Coco Pad 12" x 24"

5 Foot Boom Sock

Coco Pad 4" x 9"

The Ultimate Absorbent for Environmental Compliance