Coco Dry

CocoDry™ is an ideal water absorbent for hardening/ solidifying waste paint for disposal, ideal for use with water-based paints (acrylic & latex) and oil -based paints with one product, a product that is both safe to use and safe for landfill disposal.

CocoDry’s™ superior and rapid absorption of moisture will turn any paint into a solid substance. The solid cannot “re-wet,” so the paint will not return to its liquid form even if it comes into contact with liquids at the landfill. This result is achieved through CocoDry’s™ porous structure providing greater surface area and surface tension.

Also, because CocoDry’s™ particulate structure can increase up to nine times its own mass during absorption, this allows for encapsulation. Due to CocoDry’s™ non-leaching characteristics, it makes this product ideal for solidifying water-based paints (acrylic & latex) and oil-based paints for disposal in landfills in an environmentally responsible way.

Competing paint hardener materials (Sodium Polyacrylate) need water as a catalyst to produce a chemical reaction to be effective, which makes it a good product for water-based paints, but ineffective in hardening traditional oil-based paints. CocoDry™ does not rely on water to produce a chemical reaction but merely on its high absorption characteristics in its natural form.

Also, being a 100% Organic by-product of the coconut fruit, CocoDry™ is safe to use and does not require special handling instructions or precautions.