Coco Products

Coco Products – 100% Natural Super Absorbents

The Coco Products line is manufactured from the husk of coconuts – 100% Organic, Non- Abrasive, Non-Carcinogenic and a true Universal Absorbent. Ideal for Spill Response programs of all sizes in all types of commercial, industrial, retail and municipal facilities, Coco Products constantly focuses on developing the necessary science to make our products the most relevant absorbents on the market.

Our patented manufacturing process allows the coconut fiber to encapsulate and retain hazardous fluids in varying viscosities and will not leach or release them back into the environment, meaning CocoAbsorb™ complies with the strictest of environmental regulations including those from the State of California.

CocoAbsorb™ is the ideal absorbent for oils, chemicals, paint, and grease. CocoAbsorb™, absorbs up to 9x its weight in any liquid spill making for quick, easy clean up and disposal. CocoAbsorb™ is a 100% natural, environmentally effective absorbent that is approved by the State of California as landfill compliant. CocoAbsorb™ is available in a variety of sizes, including Spill Kits and Boom Socks.

CocoDry™ is a natural paint hardener for ALL types of Acrylic, Oil-based, and Water-based paints. Made using our proprietary super absorbent, CocoDry™ absorbs up to 9x its weight, transforming paint from a big problem into a completely hardened, fully absorbed mass ready to dispose of. CocoDry™ is available in 2 Quart Bags and 1-Gallon Bags.

Coco Dry