CocoAbsorb™ products are made from coconut coir, a layer of fibrous material that is a byproduct of the coconut industry. Its structure of hollow and narrow cells resemble honeycomb giving coir incredible water retention properties and making it a naturally superior absorbent. The chemical compound, phenol, is naturally found within coconut coir, making the fiber effective at bonding to hydrocarbons and oil for spill cleanup. Capillary cells draw in hydrocarbons instantly and take a little time to pull in the H2O molecules because it separates oil from water and can be reused multiple times until the product is completely saturated.

Coconut trees require no chemical fertilizers for growth and produce up to 200 coconuts a year, making the coconut an ideal renewable resource. Known for its environmental sustainability and versatility of uses, the coconut tree is used to produce a wide range of food products, cosmetics, natural absorbents, soil additives, shelter, decorations, and much, much more.

At Coco Products LLC, we understand the science behind the coconut coir. We believe that having a sustainable solution to hazardous liquids and spills is the beginning of a healing cycle for our planet. Unlike other absorbents, coconut coir is a byproduct of the already existing process in the coconut industry, not mined from fragile environments. We source our coir from growing regions worldwide, and we are committed to working closely with suppliers to bring our customers the highest quality consistent products available.